Preventing Pneumoconiosis

It is unlikely that it is possible to entirely prevent any instance of a worker developing a pneumoconiosis condition if they happen to work in an environment with a high degree of exposure to organ or non-organic dust that is known to cause the condition, however, it is certainly possible to mitigate the possibility of it happening by taking common sense prevention measures.

Ways to prevent pneumoconiosis

  • Any worker that is in contact with dust that is known to cause pneumoconiosis conditions should be given a well fitting facemask.
  • The workplace should take whatever steps necessary to try to keep the levels of dust down to a minimum.
  • It is important that the workplace environment is ventilated adequately.
  • Workers should be made aware of safe procedures with regard to the washing down of dust laden areas and of the removal and washing of clothes that have been exposed to the dust.
  • Any part of the body exposed should be cleaned thoroughly and the worker should be mindful that dust should not be transmitted into the mouth by e.g. dust contaminated food, smoking, drinking, taking medicine, etc.