Treating Pneumoconiosis

There is no specific treatment for pneumoconiosis other than the treatment of the complications that the disorder might cause. It is essential that anyone suffering with the symptoms of pneumoconiosis that they visit a qualified medical professional to undertake a full check up before any possible advent of serious complications such as lung cancer.

Upon describing the symptoms you are currently suffering, your physician should take a full occupational history from you going back many years, which includes any hobbies and pastimes you may have that are relevant.

Lung function and CXR tests will be required with a CT scan to diagnose and evaluate the presence and extent of the disease. If there is a presence of the disease you will be referred to a specialist for further tests and advice.

If there is evidence that you are suffering from pneumoconiosis which may have been caused by the environment in which you were employed then you may have grounds to start a claim for personal injury compensation from your employer.